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Bathroom Countertops

We deliver beautiful, durable bathroom countertop options for your space.

Bathrooms are messy, need to be cleaned frequently, and are constantly exposed to heat, cold, moisture and a variety of products. The ability to keep your bathrooms clean and long-lasting often depends on the materials that you choose, particularly the bathroom countertops. Here at Custom Crafted Kitchens & Baths, we want to make sure that your bathroom countertops are everything that you want them to be and more with our variety of durable, beautiful and stylish options.

Bathroom Countertops

For bathroom countertops, we often recommend choosing options that will be resistant to fluctuating temperatures and moisture. Quartz is wonderful for bathrooms because this product is highly durable, looks great, and has a long-lasting style that ensures it will not fade with trends or age. With over 20 years of experience, we can help you find timeless colors and styles that will age beautifully so your bathroom countertops will be a wonderful investment, not a trendy decision you regret.

Because our business does a lot of remodeling work, we are well-prepared to help you select bathroom countertops that will complement existing materials. If you are looking for a more encompassing refresher of your space, we can help you select other materials such as flooring, tile, etc. that will help you create an all-over updated look.

If you have questions about bathroom countertops, cabinetry, remodeling or would like more information, we want to help. For more information regarding our countertop options or to see our 3D rendering possibilities, please contact us today.