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In our experience, it’s the littlest details that create the largest impact. At Custom Crafted Kitchens & Baths, we know how that extra bit of attention to detail can make a home feel complete and comfortable. It separates high-end homes from the ordinary and illustrates taste, where a lack of detail would leave a homeowner’s tastes a mystery to their guests and perhaps even themselves. Decorating finishes make all the difference.

3 Decorating Finishes That Make a Major Impact

If your home feels like something is missing and you can’t put your finger on what it is, these three decorating finishes may be able to offer you some inspiration:

  1. Trim & Molding – You can think of trim and molding as a frame for your room. A beautiful piece of artwork may be stunning on its own, but the right frame can elevate it. By adding trim or molding, you create beautiful textural edges that offer a sophisticated, elegant feel. Once the molding and trim are in place, you can either paint them the same color as your walls to make the room look larger or choose a contrasting color for visual interest.
  1. Lacquer Coating – Lacquer is a type of finish that offers a glossy sheen to your walls or other surfaces you apply it to, such as cabinets. Made of tree resins and waxes, lacquer coatings are typically translucent, but they can emphasize the beautiful colors of your walls and reflect the light in the room.
  1. Limewash Paint – If your space feels flat or too smooth, limewash paint can reintroduce some natural, textured beauty. It creates a matte, chalky texture reminiscent of an older world. It’s one of the best ways to add character to your walls, and while it makes your home look like something out of a magazine, it doesn’t look cold or impersonal.

Decorating finishes can go a long way toward elevating your home. To learn more, contact us.