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More kitchen storage is something almost every homeowner is looking for, and it’s something we could all use more of! Modern kitchen storage has seen some new upgrades lately, many of which appeal to those looking to build or remodel.

What’s New in Kitchen Storage Ideas?

  • Design a custom pantry. A pantry is likely the most significant storage space in your kitchen, so why not utilize it to its fullest extent? There are many design options to choose from with a walk-in pantry, such as shelf space, cabinets, pocket drawers, and appliance counters.
  • Corner drawers. Corner drawers are the perfect kitchen storage solution for those awkward corner spaces. In addition, corner drawers tend to be deeper than regular kitchen drawers, offering even more kitchen storage.
  • An appliance garage. Bulky appliances on the countertops not only take up counter space, but they are an eyesore as well. An appliance garage gives you a convenient space where appliances are still easily accessible, but hidden from view.
  • A dish drawer. It’s like a cabinet, but better! A dish drawer pulls out instead of opening like a cabinet and is built into the lower cabinets, providing easy access for younger and elderly family members.
  • A pet station. Pets are a big part of families these days, and a pet station gives them their own built-in area for their food and water bowls and even their treats. This kitchen storage solution keeps pet bowls out of kitchen traffic, reducing the risk of accidents and spills.

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