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With many countertop materials on the market, homeowners have many options. However, if you are looking for a premium material to meet both your functional and aesthetic goals, we recommend considering quartz countertops.

Why You Should Consider Quartz Countertops for Your Kitchen

First and foremost, quartz is a highly durable and long-lasting material. It is resistant to stains, scratches, and bacteria, making it a practical choice for busy kitchens. Quartz countertops are also non-porous, which means they do not require sealing or resealing, as natural stone countertops do.

In addition to their practical benefits, quartz countertops also offer a wide range of aesthetic options. They come in various colors and styles and can be customized to match a kitchen’s specific design and decor. Quartz countertops can also be designed to mimic the look of other natural stones, such as marble, without the increased level of maintenance.

One of the unique benefits of quartz countertops is that they can develop a beautiful patina over time. A patina is a thin layer of film or coating that can form on certain materials as they age. This can give a weathered or aged appearance and can be desirable in some cases. Quartz countertops, in particular, tend to develop a patina that enhances their natural beauty and character. As the countertops age, the patina can take on a rich, warm, and lustrous appearance, adding depth and dimension to the surface.

At Custom Crafted Kitchens & Baths, we appreciate our clientele’s desire for high-end living spaces. That is why we have specialized in providing and installing quartz countertops customized to your needs. If you have questions about quartz or its installation, contact us today.