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Kitchen Storage Ideas

Our team can offer a wealth of effective kitchen storage ideas to help you keep your space organized.

A key aspect of kitchen design is storage—after all, if you have nowhere to put your dishes, cooking utensils, or ingredients, it is difficult to use your kitchen effectively. In fact, a lack of storage is one of the main reasons why people renovate their kitchens. Our team at Custom Crafted Kitchens & Baths has extensive experience in kitchen design, and we can help you brainstorm plenty of kitchen storage ideas to keep your space neat and organized. Then, we will help you identify the best solutions and implement them for you.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

• Drawers – One part of the kitchen homeowners often struggle to keep organized is their drawers, so one of the first kitchen storage ideas we suggest is to install drawer dividers. As the name states, drawer dividers separate your drawers into multiple sections, which prevents your silverware, spatulas, and other utensils from getting tangled up.

• Cabinets – Another area where people struggle to use their storage space effectively is in their kitchen cabinets—often, things become obscured behind other bottles or packages, and you end up buying duplicate ingredients. Our team can offer kitchen storage ideas to help you keep everything in your cabinets visible, so you never have to worry about this issue—for example, if you often buy multiples of the same spice, we recommend storing your spices on a lazy Susan to make it easier to see them all.

• Pantry – Our team can also offer kitchen storage ideas to improve your pantry. For example, we can provide solutions that allow you to make use of wasted space, such as installing storage racks on the inside of the door, or installing drawers under each shelf to take advantage of the vertical space there.