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Keeping a neat and organized kitchen is easier said than done, but it is important. Once you’ve invested so much time and money into creating a luxurious kitchen, the last thing you want is to detract from its beauty by leaving clutter on your countertops or inside your cabinets. There are many kitchen storage ideas that can have a transformative effect on your kitchen’s functionality and appearance, and they don’t have to be anything complicated either.

4 Simple Kitchen Storage Ideas

Consider these four simple kitchen storage ideas if you are seeking inspiration for your own kitchen organization woes:

  1. Baskets in Drawers – Kitchen drawers are often chaotic. Even when you make the effort to assign drawers for specific uses, it can be difficult to keep everything in its place. Utensil dividers are among the more common kitchen storage ideas, but another thing to try is small baskets that fit within the drawers. These are perfect for keeping small items in the proper categories. You can separate pens from scissors and cutlery from dish brushes.
  1. Over-the-Door Storage – Perfect for under the sink, over-the-door storage helps with fitting more cleaning products or other items in your cabinets without creating a mess. Over-the-door storage is also excellent for creating extra space in pantries.
  1. Trays – Do you feel as if your countertops are cluttered with too many items, but you still need to keep them all out? An easy trick is to place a collection of smaller items on a tray or Lazy Susan. Instead of countless individual items, your brain will register them as a single unit, making your kitchen look less busy.
  1. Vertical Storage – One of the best kitchen storage ideas we can offer is to make the most of vertical space. You can keep your counters clear and simultaneously add visual interest to your kitchen by mounting a small spice rack to the wall, installing hooks for pans, or installing a magnetic bar for knives.